Missouri Area Bluegrass Committee
Pat Strawhun Memorial Page
On June 17, 2014, we lost our dear friend and supporter of the MABC.  Patricia A. Strawhun, fondly known as Pat, was a 38 year member of the committee, first serving as Membership Chairman, then Editor and finally our Treasurer.   She was the rock of our committee,  the backbone and the fire that kept us all going.   To say we will miss her, doesn't seem enough.  From her quick wit, to her laugh, to her smile.   You always knew where you stood with Pat.  She didn't hesitate to tell you exactly what she thought.  She worked feverishly for the MABC from the early times to her final days.   She wasn't afraid to travel to a show late at night, or to lug around bags of CDs and membership cards.  She loved the music and was extremely fond of kids in bluegrass.   Her passing comes as a shock to us all.  She was far younger than her years, never complained of any ailments and those of us younger found it challenging to keep up with her work ethic.  A true bluegrass friend not only to the music but to us as a bluegrass family.   We will always remember you Pat.  Your years of dedication to the MABC were far above and beyond what anyone has ever done nor will ever do for our music.  You understood what it was all about and you strived hard to reach the goal of making us successful.  We love you and will always treasure the memories that we have of you and the precious time we were able to spend with you.  

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